Research Services and Products

These supplemental services add depth of understanding and scholarly credibility to an artwork or collection, enhancing your object files and possibly increasing value.

Secure Online Database of Your Collection

  • Licensed only to your approved users
  • Customized format and fields
  • Uploading capability for image and document attachments 

Professionally Printed Catalogue of Your Collection

  • Available with color or black-and-white images
  • Well-researched and documented descriptions for each object

Authenticity Expertise and General Research

  • Corresponding with recognized art experts about a work in your collection (this may enhance a work’s value by confirming its authenticity, or leading to its publication or exhibition)
  • Historical and Stylistic Analysis: What is the significance of your art? 

Ownership History (Provenance)

The potential benefits of provenance research include:

  • Verification of legitimate ownership
  • Confirmation of Authenticity
  • Distinguished ownership history may add to the work’s value

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